Dr. Siegfried Marquardt


Curriculum Vitae

1996 private practice, specializing in implantology, perioprosthetics, esthetic & functional dentistry and sports dentistry.
1998 founder and CEO of the education center Z.a.T. Fortbildungs GmbH 2001 Specialist for aesthetic and functional dentistry (DGÄZ)

2001 Specialist for implantology (EDA, BDIZ-EDI)
2008 founder and director of the Seattle Study Club Tegernsee

2011 Co-Author, Contributor of the book: Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning

Volume II: Comprehensive Case Studies, Quintessenz

2011 Active Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED).

2013 Congress president of the IFED world conference in Munich

Since 2015 official Teamdentist of the German Skicross Nationalteam

2016 Congress president of the DGÄZ annual meeting “America meets Europe”

2018 Board member of the German academy of sport dentistry (DGSZM)

2018 Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Sports Dentistry (IJOSD)

2018 Certified Teamdentist (DGSZM) and official Teamdentist for the German Ski


2021 Specialist for Sports Dentistry (DGSZM).

Since 2021 Editor for the German sport journal “Sports Dentistry” (DGSZM).

Still regulary lecturing internationally and part of the curricula and master courses of

the DGZMK / APW / DGÄZ / Uni Greifswald / Uni München.

KOL for Align Technology and Thommen Medical.

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